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Chillers On Wheels


Website Development


June 28, 2022

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Chillers On Wheels previous website consisted of the following issues and shortfalls:

  • Chillers On Wheels' former website had the following flaws and shortcomings:

  • The landing page takes a long time to load.

  • Images and links that are broken.

  • Forms that are complicated

  • Contact information was only available on the contact us page.

  • More information about the company and not selling services efficiently


We examined Chillers On Wheels' previous website and spoke with the company to decide what they want to archive as an organization.

Following our critical meeting with them, we found that the goal of their website or digital presence is more sales orientated, focusing as much emphasis as possible on their top selling products and services.

Not to mention the call me back option, which allows visitors to get a better idea of what they have to offer over the phone.

The Primary Page.

We designed the home page in such a way that if people are interested in the services, the client may convert them. The goal of Chillers On Wheels' home page is to communicate the message "we're ready to call you immediately and provide you with our services."

Our Approach.

Developing a lead generation engine that compels website users to leave their details or seek more information on the services every time they visit the website page. We've made certain that each and every product offering has its own page and form, with dedicated methods. The screenshots below show how each service page sells and collects user information based on the product.

Results Driven

Chillers On Wheels now can process their leads more speedily. They are now able to determine what service or inquiry each and every lead is intended for thanks to the website ecosystem we established.

Giving customers the opportunity to comprehend what you're selling online gives you stronger power in closing a transaction because the instant you receive a lead, you know the customer's interest is at least 80% in. This is incredibly significant if you run a busy and competitive firm.

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