Chillers On Wheels website redesign


Chillers On Wheels


Website Development


June 28, 2022

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Chillers On Wheels previous website consisted of the following issues and shortfalls:

  • Long loading time for the landing page
  • Broken Images and Links
  • Complicated forms
  • Contact details only existed on the contact us page
  • Too much talk about the company and not selling services


We've done an analysis on the Chillers On Wheels previous website, we had a seat down with the company to understood what they want to archive as an organisation.

After the key meeting with them we've discovered that the purpose of their website or digital presence is more sales orientated which is to bring as much attention to their best selling products and services.

Not to forgot - a call me back added feature that enables visitors to get a clear understanding of what they are selling.

The Primary Page.

We've created the home page in such a way that should the customers be interested in the services, client is able to convert them.

The purpose of the home page for Chillers On Wheels is to convey the message "we're ready to call you now and give you our services".

Our Approach.

Creating a leads engine that leaves website visitors no choice but to leave their information or request for more information on the services every time they visit the website page.

We've made sure that every single product offering has a page and form dedicated to it, with forms that are dedicated.

The follow screenshots illustrate how every service page sells and takes customers information by the product.

Results Driven Result

Today, Chillers On Wheels is able to work through their leads faster. The website ecosystem we have built has enabled them to know what service or enquiry every single lead is directed to.

When you're running a busy and competitive business you wouldn't want to be teaching clients everything about your products over a call, by giving them the advantage of understanding what you're selling online you're giving yourself better leverage in closing a sale because the moment you receive a lead you know the customer's interest is on 80% plus.

If you're looking to implement a similar workflow or idea for your business don't hesitate to contact us now and we will make that possible for you right away.