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July 25, 2022


Jozi Cloud Kitchens provides complete solutions for delivery-only restaurants.


This platform allows businesses to rent space and sell restaurant meals via several online delivery platforms, including Jozi Feast's in-house delivery, seat in, and collection smartphone app.

Their Needs.

Jozi Cloud Kitchens engaged Digital Orbit SA about creating cloud kitchens for its clientele. Before anything was begun in 2020, we sat down with the business partners and helped them build a logo for their brand image and a website page that allowed them to market their services online.


Their objective was to create a website that would allow them to gather leads in order to rent out their kitchen spaces to restaurants that wanted to be cloud-based as well as those who had closed and needed to be reopened following the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our Approach.

After a seat down, we noticed their strategy as Jozi Cloud Kitchens is business-to-business, and we deduced that their target market is not consumers.


We then created a website that, first and foremost, assists them in generating leads and, secondly, is as informative as possible about the services they provide in order to better inform restaurants (companies) interested in collaborating with them.


This needed to provide a solution both during and after the epidemic, allowing clients to appreciate the breakthrough and opportunity that this platform provides.

Results Driven

Recently, Jozi Cloud Kitchens celebrated over a 100 000 orders via Jozi Feast, the platform that enabled Jozi Cloud Kitchens to achieve this accomplishment. We've seen their progress over time and realized it wouldn't be feasible if they weren't digitally present.


This solution has helped them to make revenue, get notoriety, network with other businesses and create a dynamic and profitable online brand.

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